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Beating myotonic dystrophy is a massive challenge requiring a collective effort, but there has never been a better time to join us – together, we can win the fight. The fund is designed to provide donors with choice. You can choose to support the fund in general, or to support a specific strand of work.

We work closely with many partners to maximise potential and minimise duplication – scientists (worldwide), clinicians, politicians, the biotech industry, funders, other charities (including international collaboration, such as liaison with the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation in the USA) and, above all, families and individuals living with myotonic dystrophy. Together we can maximise our efforts.

Muscular Dystrophy UK’s work is funded by people affected by muscle-wasting conditions. The investment in the Myotonic Research Breakthrough Fund can only be made thanks to individual donations, family fundraising activities, trusts and corporate support for this cause.

Every penny counts:

  • If 60 people donated/raised £1,000 this year it would fully fund Professor Darren Monckton’s work to understand the genetics behind myotonic dystrophy. This work would help individuals know what to expect in the future, helping them and their families prepare in advance and plan their lives around these expectations.
  • A gift or fundraising collection raising £164 would fund Dr Saam Sedehizadeh’s work, for one day, to test drug-like chemicals for their potential to treat myotonic dystrophy.
  • A donation of £40 would help support the UK myotonic dystrophy patient registry for a day, recruiting participants into studies such as OPTIMISTIC, a multinational study looking at improving activity through cognitive behavioural therapy.
  • If 270 people gave £10 a month for one year we would fully fund Dr Mark Hamilton, clinical research fellow, and his team’s work to understand the effects of myotonic dystrophy on the brain.
  • If 50 people donated £10 a month for a year MDUK can continue to fund the UK myotonic dystrophy patient registry and help involve participants in clinical research.

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