• All those who fund and fundraise for the Myotonic Research Breakthrough Fund will be supporting the best scientific research into myotonic dystrophy, and funds are guaranteed to be restricted for this purpose in line with donor wishes.Muscular Dystrophy UK employs a stringent selection process for the grants it funds. The peer review process is rigorous and uses independent experts. The grants are also evaluated by our well-established and respected Medical Research Committee, which comprises renowned scientists and clinicians. This is complemented by input from our Lay Research Panel, which consists of individuals directly or indirectly affected by a neuromuscular condition, including myotonic dystrophy, to ensure that the opinions of our supporters are taken into account in the award-making process.We fund only good quality science, ensuring no duplication of funding; discipline in monitoring and reporting; excellent interpretation/communication of results to those affected by myotonic dystrophy.
  • The myotonic patient ‘voice’ will be heard every step of the way.We are committed to ensuring effective communications with key influencers – regulatory bodies, parliaments, the worldwide scientific community, the biopharma industry and the media.Working together, we can ensure that consistent and powerful messages are heard, action is taken and all those empowered to deliver for people with myotonic dystrophy are held to account.

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