Over the last ten years, the charity has invested over £1million into basic and clinical research projects focusing on myotonic dystrophy. We have also supported work to ensure clinical trial infrastructure, including co-funding the myotonic registry with the Myotonic Dystrophy Support Group, and parliamentary campaigning activity to obtain access to newly emerging treatments.

Over the next three years we would like to make a further £820k minimum investment, if we are able to raise these funds. This includes continued funding of five research projects, a commitment to funding new basic research, translational research and clinical research projects through a clinical research programme looking at symptom management. In addition we will invest in initiatives to ensure clinical trial readiness, such as the patient registry, and the important campaigning activity that will ensure patients in the UK have access to emerging treatments.

Overall investment into Myotonic dystrophy – £820,055 by 18/19

* MDUK funding contribution is made possible thanks to generous supporters of our Richard Attenborough Fellowship Fund; this role is co-funded with the Chief Scientist Office for Scotland.
**MDUK funding contribution; this work includes the myotonic registry, co-funded with Myotonic Dystrophy Support Group.

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