All of our Fellowship Patrons have supported Muscular Dystrophy UK for many years. They have been crucial in helping us establish this Fund, lending their support in a variety of ways. We would like to thank them for their continued commitment to our cause and to ensuring a strong future for clinical research and training at neuromuscular centres across the UK.

The Hon Michael Attenborough is Lord Attenborough’s son, and famously the original inspiration for his father’s support. Michael is aware of just how much the cause means to his father, and is supporting the Fellowship Fund to continue his father’s mission to fight muscle-wasting conditions.

Sue Barker MBE is a television presenter and former professional tennis player. Through a great friendship with Lord Attenborough, Sue decided to follow in his footsteps by becoming our President in 2004. Since joining Sue has become an active supporter, attending many charity events including our national conferences.

Professor Kate Bushby is an Action Research Professor of Neuromuscular Genetics at Newcastle University, focusing on the limb girdle muscular dystrophies. Having started her career as a Muscular Dystrophy UK funded research fellow, she understands how invaluable it is to spend three years in a centre dedicated to neuromuscular conditions.

Robin Cousins is a renowned figure skater, Olympic champion and World medallist. He is a proud supporter of the Fellowship Fund, saying, “The Fellowship fund will ensure that identifying specialists in neuromuscular research and training continues which will in turn further the possibility of further clinical trials being brought to the fore.”

Matthew Kelly is an English television presenter and actor. His wife Sarah co-founded the Neuromuscular Centre in Cheshire and they have hosted our Spirit of Christmas events for many years, recruiting many other high profile people to take part. Matthew and Sarah are both Vice Presidents for the charity and pleased to support the Fellowship Fund.

Sir Sydney Samuelson CBE was appointed the first British Film Commissioner in 1991. He has worked tirelessly to raise millions of pounds for research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy. As a retired Vice President, he still enjoys coming to events and is delighted to be supporting the Fellowship Fund.


Please support the Fund by donating online. If you would like to make a considerable contribution, please contact the Development Team.

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