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Money raised through Muscular Dystrophy UK’s Ullrich CMD (congenital muscular dystrophy) Appeal is currently funding a project based at University College, London.

Abbi Bennett and her family
Abbi Bennett and her family

The project is led by Professor Francesco Muntoni who, with his team, is developing a therapeutic approach for people affected by Ullrich CMD caused by dominant mutations in one of the three collagen VI genes.

This project started in Autumn 2014. Find out more about this research project.

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We also need to raise a fund of £225,000, Muscular Dystrophy UK’s commitment to the Collagen VI Alliance. We have teamed up with the following international organisations to create the Collagen VI Alliance:

The McLellan Family
The McLellan Family
  • Muscular Dystrophy Ireland
  • Cure CMD (USA)
  • AFM Telethon (France)
  • Swiss Foundation for Research on Muscle Disease

The Alliance will fund research into Collagen VI deficiencies (Ullrich CMD and Bethlem myopathy). A specific international Ullrich CMD research grants call went out to researchers in late 2014.

Jed Thirkettle, who has Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy, with his parents
Jed Thirkettle with his parents

This collaborative approach will enable us to invest in the strongest Ullrich CMD research project/s across the world to help make significant progress towards treatments and cure.

Abbi’s campaign – one in a million, Dan’s Hope, Bertie’s Buccaneers and Team Jed are four of our Family Funds raising money for the Appeal. Please help us reach our target by making a donation.

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For more information about the Ullrich CMD Appeal, contact our Development Team.

Bertie and his family
Bertie and his family
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