Powerchair football is the fastest growing disability team sport in the UK and more than half of players have a muscle-wasting condition.

It is a unique team sport as it is accessible to anyone who uses an electric wheelchair. Similar to football, the aim is to score goals against your opponent. Each team has four players and each player has a bumper on the front of their chair which they use to dribble, pass, and shoot.

Powerchair football is played in many parts of the UK. This interactive map below can help you find your nearest team and the contact details of each club can be found on The Wheelchair Football Association (The WFA) website.

Muscular Dystrophy UK has partnered with The WFA in England and the Scottish Powerchair Football Association to sponsor the three main national leagues in the UK: the MDUK Premiership and Championship in England and the MDUK Premiership in Scotland.

Throughout the season we will be tracking the progress of the leagues through news updates found on our news pages.

Check out our video below, which features players across the country who love the game.

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