I have a muscle-wasting condition but my employer does not recognise that I am extremely vulnerable. What should I do?

The clinical expert group we’re working with agrees that people with any diagnosed or undiagnosed neuromuscular condition (in other words non-specified conditions) should consider themselves as being at high risk of getting seriously ill from coronavirus and they should practice shielding.

If you’ve received a letter from the NHS saying you are in an “extremely vulnerable” group, you can share this with your employer. If you have a muscle-wasting condition but haven’t received a letter, you can ask your specialist clinician to write you a supporting letter.

Do you have any advice on Statutory Sick Pay?

Our helpline can advise you about Statutory Sick Pay and obtaining a sick note if you are unable to work from home. It is advisable to speak to your employer first, in light of Government advice that people should work from home where possible, and many employers will be making their own arrangements to support their workforce to do this.


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