We know that this is a difficult time for everyone, and we don’t want you to feel isolated while you’re isolating. So we’re here for you:

We are also developing new ways to bring people together virtually and to provide information and support while we are unable to hold Information Days and Muscle Group meetings in person. We are also working with our Peer Support volunteers to explore how they can support you during this time.


What can I do during the lockdown?

If you’re looking for something to keep you occupied, here are some of our suggestions:


Fighting for your rights

We’re committed to continuing our work to fight for the rights of people with muscle-wasting conditions. That doesn’t change during this current unprecedented crisis.

  • Along with other charities, we’re concerned about how social care provision will be affected. You can read our response to the Coronavirus Bill, and other work we’re doing around that.
  • Working with leading clinicians in the neuromuscular field, we’ll keep you updated with the latest coronavirus advice.
  • We’re leading the co-ordination of questions to expert clinicians from other charities so that the clinicians can cope with the volume of queries they are receiving. We are hugely grateful for what they are doing.
  • We’re fighting for everyone’s rights to equitable care throughout the coronavirus crisis and are engaging with organisations like NHS England and NICE to do so.
  • Continuing to offer our support and services, and fundraising to make sure we can keep doing so. 


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