A ‘virtual’ postcard from Pompeii

A ‘virtual’ postcard from Pompeii

Dear fellow MDUK members, We are in Pompeii! I have been here before many years ago, but I had no idea that pre that massive eruption Vesuvius  – (it erupted and covered Pompeii in AD 79!!) Versuvius was twice as high and had just one peak. Today I had a walk with archaeologist Roberto along the

A ‘virtual’ postcard from Athens

Dear fellow MDUK members Today we went on a street art tour of Athens with Thomas and Kalliopi to see the alternative side to the city. What can I say? I really, really enjoyed it! This is totally my thing. The picture in the postcard is by Ino, He’s a Greek visual artist, very active

Emma Vogelmann is reviewing Moving UP

Emma Vogelmann took over as Work Experience Development Officer at Moving Up six months ago – In this Q & A she reviews progress for the organisation which was set up in 2015 – and sets out her hopes for 2020. Which industries are involved? London based organisations representing the creative industry, marketing, TV and tech


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