Catherine Woodhead, Chief Executive Catherine Woodhead, Interim CEO

Catherine leads Muscular Dystrophy UK’s core campaigns and our work to improve access to treatment for rare conditions. She is available to discuss and comment on all aspects of the charity’s work and issues affecting people with muscle-wasting conditions.

Rob Burley, Director of Campaigns, Care and Support

Rob oversees Muscular Dystrophy UK’s campaign work in the four UK Parliaments, our information and support team, advocacy service and work with the NHS to improve expert care for muscle-wasting conditions. He is available to discuss and comment on key charity reports, muscle-wasting conditions and health and social care issues affecting people living with rare conditions.

Clare Lucas, Head of Policy and Campaigns

Clare is available to discuss and comment on the charity’s campaigns and policy work, including FastTrack and Mental Health Matters. She can also comment on Changing Places-related news.

Dr Kate Adcock, Director of Research and Innovation

Kate oversees Muscular Dystrophy UK’s research team. She is available to discuss and comment on research into muscle-wasting conditions and related neuromuscular conditions, as well as emerging treatments.

Lauren West, Trailblazers Manager

Lauren manages Muscular Dystrophy UK’s Trailblazers – a group of 800 which campaigns for change on the things that matter to young disabled people. She is available to discuss and comment on issues such as accessibility, independent living and leisure.



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