Access to specialist care breakthrough with Minister

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Credit: Michael J Connors

Lord Darzi has offered to work with the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign to improve access to specialist care and implement standards of care for all neuromuscular conditions.

Internationally recognised standards of care are coming forward through TREAT-NMD, an initiative that brings together some of the world’s leading neuromuscular specialists and aims to develop common standards for diagnosis and care of neuromuscular disorders.

Speaking after the meeting, Professor Mike Hanna said:

Specialist care is essential in extending and improving lives; and yet it is being denied to many patients living in England.

Too often specialist care is vulnerable and heavily dependent on a few clinicians and health professionals, rather than embedded in a properly resourced, long-term service.

Philip Butcher, Chief Executive of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, added:

Leadership from the Department of Health is urgently needed to ensure that specialist neuromuscular services are firmly embedded within our National Health Service.

We are delighted that we can count on the support of Lord Darzi in the fight against muscle disease. He is a strong voice in Government for people affected by these rare conditions.

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