Accessibites – Disabled people get the Glastonbury treatment

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Glastonbury, the legendary music festival, has recently taken steps to make inaccessibility a thing of the past. They have announced that they will be hosting a specifically designed stage for disabled people, for the first time in their history. To my knowledge this will be the first scheme of its kind.

Club Attitude, an organisation that aims to increase disabled people’s access to live music, are joining forces with the organisers to provide a stage in the Shangri La field at the festival this year.

The festival will have “wheelchair access and a specialised viewing area, as well as providing sign language interpretation for the audience as the bands perform in the Club Attitude showcase.”

What a genius idea! This is something that’s well long overdue because there are so many talented disabled musicians who deserve the same equal and fantastic opportunity to share their music with the masses as non-disabled musicians too.

Hopefully, this will increase access for disabled people to hear and share music live, and the full lineup is yet to be announced, but I definitely plan to check it out further and am very much interested in attending Glastonbury sometime in the future.

Music unites people from all demographics from everywhere and it has got me through some quite tough times in my life; and as a severely disabled 23 year old it has often helped me connect with people because everyone loves music (and those that don’t are frankly not worth knowing), no matter who they are.

As Jack Osbourne best said (as found on the Club Attitude website): “Music should be enjoyed by everyone who is willing to listen.”

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By Sulaiman Khan

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