Becker Awareness Week 2018

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Emma Smith-Bodie
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Becker Awareness Week 2018 runs from 7 October to 13 October, and is a chance for us all to show our support and help people understand the condition.

Becker muscular dystrophy is a muscle-wasting condition caused when a vital muscle protein called dystrophin does not work properly. The condition causes muscles to weaken and waste over time, leading to increasingly severe disability and, in some cases, life-threatening health problems as the heart and breathing muscles weaken.

This Becker Awareness week, we are sharing Rich Copson’s inspirational story after his year of fundraising, as well as new research on the important of self management in muscle-wasting conditions.

How you can get involved in Becker Awareness Week:

  • Read about Rich Copson’s amazing month of adventure fundraising
  • Follow our Twitter account and #BMDAwarenessweek or #BeckerAwarenessWeek to join the conversation around the world
  • Learn about a new research grant and the importance of self-management for people with muscle-wasting conditions
  • Find out how to obtain an alert card so you can inform healthcare professionals of key issues relating to your condition in an emergency
  • Read our factsheet on Becker muscular dystrophy

Find out more:

Visit our Becker muscular dystrophy page for up-to-date information and resources about the condition.

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