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Builidng you CV

Some of you are already involved with the Youth Achievement Awards (YAA), but for those of you not in the know – UK Youth and ASDAN have developed the YAA to ‘provide a framework to recognise and celebrate young people’s non-formal learning’.

This less-than-attention grabbing phrase translates to – by doing your own hobbies and interests you can gain valuable skills, and official support and recognition. All kinds of projects have been undertaken to gain credit from the YAA, from tending to flowers in Blackpool to taking photos in Berwick. And, all your Trailblazers work can be counted to!

Your Trailblazers activities encourage day to day political engagement and personal skill development, whilst also allowing the opportunity for invaluable work experience in the MDC offices. Writing for the magazine, speaking at meetings, designing web content and compiling under cover reports all counts.

Within the YAA there are four award levels and Trailblazers should all be able to achieve Gold – an award that requires the completion of seven 15 hour challenges and a final presentation – due to your planning, organising, and leadership activities.

Voluntary work increases individual confidence (I should know), encourages social inclusion and promotes community engagement. So voluntary works are good, but why not gain official accreditation as well?

For further details on how to have your hard work recognised see the YAA website.  

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