Changing Places Awareness Day is coming

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Clare Lucas
Changing Places toilet

Friday 19 July is Changing Places Awareness Day! As co-chairs of the Changing Places Consortium we will be using the day as a chance to spread the message about the vital importance of Changing Places toilets for more than a quarter of a million people in the UK including many people living with a muscle-wasting condition. 

Why is there a need for an awareness day?  

We know that without access to Changing Places toilets many people are being forced to limit outings or their fluid intake, stay at home or using inappropriate toilet facilities that put their health and dignity at risk. Some people have even opted to have surgery so they no longer need to worry about if or when they will be able to access a toilet. We think this is unacceptable. However, many people do not know what a Changing Places toilet is or why they are needed?  

What can you do?  

We will need your help to help us spread the message about the importance of Changing Places toilets. There will be lots of ways you can get involved on the day. Here are some ideas below:  

You can share your pictures with us using #CPAD2019 on social media.  

Also, if you haven’t done so already, please respond to the Government’s consultation to make Changing Places toilets a mandatory requirement in large public new builds- this would be life-changing for so many people.  

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