Classic car up for auction for MDUK

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Emma Smith-Bodie
men from the Rover 200 club with rare Rover 216

MDUK was delighted to receive a phone call last week from John Batchelor, Chairman of the Rover 200 & 400 Owners Club, with news of a very unique donation. John explained that he would be collecting a rare 1987, 1-owner Rover 216, which was due to be scrapped after being traded-in for a new Mazda under Mazda UKs car scrappage scheme. Pictures on the dealer’s website led to an outcry from Rover fans.

Following the appeal from Rover fans, the car was passed on to the Rover 200 & 400 Owners Club and is now being auctioned for charity. When discussing the collection from Beechwood Mazda in Derby, John Batchelor asked Managing Director, Rob Wood which charity they would like to nominate any profits obtained from the sale of the car should go to, and MDUK was chosen.

Mr Batchelor said,

“When we went to collect the car, it soon came clear that the car was in surprisingly good condition for its age and there is actually very little to do. The paintwork is ‘commensurate with the mileage and age’ and is therefore part of its history – we think it should stay as it is. We can’t even do basic maintenance, such as replacing the air filter, as the car’s previous owner has kept on top of that too!  All that’s been done is a clean inside and out. At the last count there were only 70 ‘SD3’ Rover 216s still on the UK roads, including this one. With a total mileage now over 402,000 miles this must be one of the highest-mileage SD3s ever. The car runs very well too and has covered a further 250 miles since collection.

The car is now being sold via a ‘sealed bid’ auction run by the Rover 200 & 400 Owners Club which will end at 8pm on Sunday 11th October – it has already received a number of bids.  If you would like to bid on the car, or find out more, please email John at

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