Earn money by testing websites!

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I’ve just heard of an interesting advert from System Concepts, a company that conducts market research to help mobile phone companies and on-line shops improve their customer services.

System Concepts want to make sure websites are enjoyed by everyone, and are currently looking for adults and children with specific ability needs to help them assess the usability of websites. For those of you who are already actively involved in using the internet, posting blogs on the Trailblazers website for example, this is a great opportunity to discuss your online needs.

It sounds like fun work, and the best part, they can pay you for your efforts as well!

They conduct research sessions in their London offices, these take about 2 hours, and you will receive £50-100 in return. They can also help with travel costs, and if necessary carry out the testing in your home.

Also, registration is free, and we have been told that even if you register there is no obligation to take part.

Sounds like a good deal – if you would like more information the contact details are – 020 7240 3388, ask for Polly or Mickela, or send an email to polly@system-concepts.com.

Hope it proves useful.



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