Hannah’s Royal Parks Half For Simon

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Louise Moffat

Hannah Mcfarland ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon for Muscular Dystrophy UK last year using one of our golden bond spaces. She was running in memory of her cousin Simon and managed to raise an incredible £2,248.75 to help fight muscle-wasting conditions.

Here is her story of the Royal Parks Half Marathon;

My cousin Simon had muscular dystrophy. He died in August 2017. It was a tragedy for our whole family. I wanted to do something for Simon and Muscular Dystrophy UK as he and his family were passionate about raising awareness and providing support to other families who were in a similar position to them.


I therefore decided that I wanted to do something for him and I wanted to raise as much money as possible.


I have always done running as part of exercise but nothing of any distance. Therefore the half marathon was a good challenge but not something that was hopefully unachievable.



Training went well to begin with but as the distances got longer it was hard trying to fit them in around work, home and my kids. Anyhow my husband was really supportive and would encourage me to keep going.




My little boy (4 at the time) even came with me on a training run with him on his bike.


I had to be strict in getting up early before work or before everyone got up on a weekend doing my long run at 6.30 in the morning. It sounds early but meant I still had time at the weekend.


Whenever training got tough, and it did especially being up early and on hot summer evenings, I kept Simon focussed in my mind. It sounds strange but I would often find myself crying at some point during the run as I thought about him but it actually helped me.


The day of the race I was excited but incredibly nervous. I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of people. People had loved ones on their tops, others had sayings such as “cancer was tough but I was tougher”. It was an incredible experience. It was great to have my family there to support me. Having my name on my top meant people I didn’t even know were cheering me on and keeping me going.


So I managed to complete it. It was tough but the sense of achievement was enormous. I did cry my eyes out as I finished. I was relieved but I felt proud that I had done something for Simon and had raised a lot of money for a great cause.



I loved it that much I am thinking of doing it all again.”

We have 20 gold bond spaces for the Royal Parks Half 2019, if you would like to start your story sign up today at https://www.musculardystrophyuk.org/events/royalparkshalf/. We’re looking forward to having you on #TeamOrange!


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