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Catherine Rowland
Town and Gown

The Muscular Dystrophy Town and Gown 10k run is a hugely successful run which has been fantastically supported by the local and student communities in Oxford, Cambridge and Leicester. Now the organisers at Muscular Dystrophy UK need your to vote to win at the Running Awards 2019.

Nominations for the Running Awards 2019 follows the brilliant announcement, just after New Year, of two regional heat wins and shortlists for three other prestigious awards. Oxford Town and Gown won the Best 10k South East England and Leicester Town and Gown won the Best 10k East Midlands, with both now in the running to win the Best 10k in the UK. Other nominations include the Town and Gown 10k Series shortlisted for the Event Series award, Oxford Junior 3k shortlisted for the Best Fun Run and Muscular Dystrophy UK being shortlisted for the Best Large Charity.

Last year a massive 8000 runners took part in this unique, fast growing series resulting in a total income of £265,740.00. Known as the ‘Runners Run’ the routes are through closed streets, past universities, rivers and parks and many of the cities’ historic civic buildings.

Challenge Events Manager Krishan Solanki said: “We’re delighted to be shortlisted for four awards at this year’s Running Awards. The Town and Gown series is run entirely by the charity so being shortlisted by public votes is a testament to the quality of our events and positions us alongside top running events in the UK. Not only will these awards strengthen our reputation in this area, but more importantly will raise awareness for muscular dystrophy, building fundraising for research into treatments for the conditions.”

“These awards are hotly contested. In 2018 there were over 150,000 votes. Please vote for Town and Gown and Muscular Dystrophy UK in the following categories.”

The categories are:

10k National – Oxford Town and Gown

Event Series – The Town and Gown 10k Series

Fun Run – Oxford Town and Junior 3k

Charity (Large) – Muscular Dystrophy UK

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