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Alexa Follen
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Earlier this year Muscular Dystrophy UK launched the first ever training course on neuromuscular conditions for GPs. We want to see 1000 GPs get a better understanding of muscle-wasting conditions by taking the module over the coming months, but we need your help to do this.

The new online course has been designed to help ensure people get faster referrals to neuromuscular specialists who can diagnose conditions; and ensure families get access to the therapeutic approaches that are currently in clinical trials or development. Over the past few weeks, people living with muscle-wasting conditions and their families have contacted the charity from across the United Kingdom wanting to know more about the course and how they can encourage their GP to get involved.

To help make this possible we have created a new leaflet giving background information on the online course which you can take to your local GP practice and share with your doctor. The leaflet, which features GP and mother of a daughter with spinal muscular atrophy, Dr Sheonad Laidlaw, describes how the module will help a GP learn more about neuromuscular conditions and be better prepared to support their patients.

Through our regular Muscle Group meetings Muscular Dystrophy UK and the Bridging the Gap team have been aware that upskilling GPs on neuromuscular conditions is a major concern for many families. Since launching the module people  we have heard from people from across the UK and as far away as Switzerland and Australia who hope the course will have a major impact on the way family doctors can work with people with these conditions.

Here is just some of the feedback we have had so far from families visiting the Muscular Dystrophy UK Facebook page:

I think this is a brilliant step. My GP is so supportive but I think there’s a massive gap in what GPs know about muscular dystrophy and where and how to get us the help and support we need. I would love it if my GP surgery took up this module. No matter how supportive GPs are I think there’s always something they don’t know about muscular dystrophy.

We’ll promote the course and my husband can spread the word among his medical colleagues. Our GP practice certainly would have benefited from this prior to our son’s diagnosis.

This is brilliant my GP is amazing but doesn’t know enough so it restricts her as she’s not sure about certain medication.

I’m glad to hear that in some parts of Europe they are finally getting started. In Switzerland they don’t know much about it. Keep fighting guys, well done!

The new training module, which has been developed by a group of neuromuscular clinical experts, people with muscle-wasting conditions, the Bridging the Gap team and GPs includes important information in an easy to use format. The course will now help GPs have a better understanding of their role in the management of neuromuscular conditions and to recognise the key moments when a patient needs to be referred to a specialist neuromuscular service.

Call or email Muscular Dystrophy UK and we will send out the new leaflet that you can share with your GP or medical practice.

To receive a free copy of the leaflet for the new course contact Lloyd Tingley at or call on 02078034804.

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