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Trailblazers have come up with what we hope will be an exciting new project – we want to spread the word about your local Heroes and Villains of accessibility.

Is there a ‘heroic’ shopkeeper or company who goes out of their way to make their business more accessible? Or a local leisure centre that should be classed as villainous due to its lack of accessibility?

We want to know who they are. And we want Trailblazers to tell us by posting blogs on our website telling us what they have done. You might even be able to get the business to comment on their activities.

We hope that this is a strong and simple way to present the Trailblazers’ argument – public spaces and public transport need to be improved in order to allow equal access for all. However, though we think it is important to name and shame, we know that there are also many people and organisations who have addressed accessibility issues – we want to congratulate them on the example they set and allow them to explain how they have made accessibility work for them as a business.

In a way it’s a bit like Whacky Races (honestly) – the negligence of villainous Dick Dastardly (with Mutley’s riding shotgun) stands in the way of Trailblazers crossing the finishing line first. But as Whacky Races teaches – the villains don’t win!

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