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Zoe Holder
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Sep17, Jake Hudson, Duchenne(2)

Have you ever dreamed of playing power chair football? The Joseph Patrick Trust recently helped Jake Hudson reach his goal of playing and he kicks off his season this Saturday in the MDUK Championship after receiving his Strike Force wheelchair. The Joseph Patrick Trust wishes Jake the best of luck for his season ahead with the Bolton Bullets.

Jake, from Greater Manchester, has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and was awarded a JPT grant towards the cost of a specialist sports wheelchair, the Strike Force, designed especially for powerchair football.

Jake says

The Strike Force sports chair is brilliant and has significantly improved my overall quality as a Powerchair football footballer. The wheelchair has dramatically changed the way the sport is played, and it has allowed me to be part of this fantastic ever-growing sport.

When I first found out the new wheelchairs were being introduced I was a bit disheartened, and thought I would no longer be able to compete in my old outdated wheelchair. But, thanks to the generosity of the Joseph Patrick Trust, I was able to order my new Strike Force wheelchair, and play the sport I so love at the highest level.

Being part of the powerchair football community is more than just a sport. Being in a wheelchair and having Duchenne has its own challenges, but on the court all of this goes away- everyone just goes to play football regardless of age or disability. With powerchair football I’ve made friends, gained confidence and continued playing the sport I love. Thanks JPT!

The Joseph Patrick Trust is the grant-giving arm of Muscular Dystrophy UK, and awards funding towards the cost of specialist equipment for people with muscular dystrophy and related conditions. The aim of the Trust is to promote independence and quality of life for disabled people, and will consider funding for items such as wheelchairs, scooters, sports wheelchairs, mobile arm supports, and some forms of Assistive Technology.

To have a taste of the game join former England captain Sam Bull, who now works at the Wheelchair Football Association at our National Conference in Birmingham on 7 October.

To learn more about the Joseph Patrick Trust, and to apply for a grant, please visit

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