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Alice Black
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Bristol-based Steve Ledbrook, who has Becker muscular dystrophy, is an active campaigner and a member of the Muscular Dystrophy UK Trailblazers. With a grant from the Joseph Patrick Trust (JPT), Steve has bought equipment and software that will boost his campaigning.

Communication is, of course, vital to campaigning. And when you live with a progressive muscle-wasting condition like Becker muscular dystrophy, it can become difficult and tiring to use a conventional keyboard on a phone or computer. Steve put his JPT grant towards the cost of speech recognition software and a headset that will help writing emails and make communicating much easier.

We asked Steve to tell us what this technology means to him

These days it seems like the only way to communicate is by email and I was struggling with this because it would take me an hour to type out one message.

The speech recognition software has made it much easier for me and has hugely improved my communications. There’s a lot to get used to with the technology but as an added bonus, learning to use it is also improving my punctuation and vocabulary!

The Joseph Patrick Trust is committed to promoting independence and improved quality of life, by providing grants to individuals living with muscle-wasting conditions towards the cost of specialist equipment and assistive technology.

In today’s fast-paced technological world, the JPT is keen to provide funding towards the cost of assistive technology and communications aids, keeping everyone in touch and connected.

The JPT is the grant-giving arm of Muscular Dystrophy UK, and awards funding towards the cost of specialist equipment for people with muscular dystrophy and related conditions. The aim of the Trust is to promote independence and quality of life for disabled people. It will consider funding for items such as powered wheelchairs, mobile arm supports, electric beds, and some forms of assistive technology.

To find out more about the JPT, and how to apply for a grant, please visit or email

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