MDUK Muscles Matter 2021 – Wednesday 19 May round-up

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Emma Smith-Bodie
Care & Support

Our MDUK Muscles Matter 2021 online seminar series started on Wednesday 19 May, virtually bringing together people living with muscle-wasting conditions from across the UK with seminars on care packages and financial support.

We were joined in our care packages seminar by Jazz Singh and Lucy Watts, who talked with the MDUK Advocacy team about their experiences applying for and receiving care packages. They also shared their top tips which included being explicit with your needs and the type of support you think you will need over time. Our Advocacy team spent time explaining the differences in care packages and systems and what might be right for people living with muscle-wasting conditions. For more information, you can access our care packages factsheet.

You can watch the full recording of the care packages seminar below or on our YouTube channel.

We then had our financial support seminar where our Advocacy team ran through the list of different support and benefits people with muscle-wasting conditions could be entitled to. We know this is a complex system, so the seminar aimed to make clearer topics such as Personal Independent Payments (PIP), Universal Credit, and more. You can find our PIP guide on the website.

You can watch the full recording of the financial support seminar below or on our YouTube channel.

Throughout the year, there will be seminars in our MDUK Muscles Matter 2021 online seminar series, including condition-specific sessions, practical sessions such as financial support and psychological care to help you live well, and seminars looking into ways you can manage your condition such as cardiac management or diet and nutrition. You can see the full list and book these Zoom seminars here.


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