Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week 2019

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Catherine Rowland
Care & Support

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week takes place from 16 to 22 September. Muscular Dystrophy UK is here for anyone affected by a muscle-wasting condition such as mitochondrial disease, from the moment of diagnosis and beyond.

What is mitochondrial disease?

Some people with mitochondrial disease have muscle weakness, and they may be given the diagnosis of mitochondrial myopathy. Mitochondrial myopathy is an umbrella term for conditions caused by faulty mitochondria.

Mitochondrial myopathies are a group of conditions that particularly affect muscles, but which may also affect every other part of the body, including the brain and the eye. Symptoms can occur at any age, and their severity can vary between individuals – even within the same family.

How we’re here to help

We understand the everyday challenges of living with a muscle-wasting condition. We’re here to help with information and advice, together with emotional and practical support, a network of local groups and an online community. Find out more about the services we offer here.

How you can get involved

Visit our mitochondrial myopathy page for up-to-date information and resources about the condition.

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