Moving a London Mile

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Ruth Martin

Bron Jones is moving the London Mile in aid of Muscular Dystrophy UK in June. It’s a double first for her as she makes her debut into our Move a Mile for Muscles event, and into any kind of race.

She’s taking this bold step in honour of her close friend, Jason, who died in 2013. He had Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Anyone who has ever known or indeed lost anyone to a debilitating muscle-wasting condition needs no further reason than this. I needed to do something for my best friend Jason.

Training and fundraising

Bron has been training at the gym for her Move a Mile for Muscles event, and will complete the London Mile on 14 June in her powered wheelchair. Her fundraising for Muscular Dystrophy UK has been going well, with an initial target of £500. Bron hopes to do more events and keep her fundraising page open.

For anyone taking on the Move a Mile for Muscles, I’d say get plenty of support and show people your passion. Support and research into muscle-wasting conditions is something that I will always feel very strongly about on behalf of Jason and all the other people living with muscle-wasting conditions.

Jason and I met at school when we were 13. He was funny, sensitive and devilishly handsome. After school, and a break of ten years, we got back in touch through Facebook. When I eventually went to visit him again, I was so scared; I had no idea what to expect. Jason was as witty and kind as ever.

The cruel irony was that as our friendship grew stronger again, Jase was getting weaker. We joked about the peg feed, the breathing aids but we knew we were saying goodbye, one piece at a time. Jason fought courageously for so long until one day we just ran out of tomorrows. Jason died in September 2013, and 18 months on, there is still not an hour of the day I don’t miss him terribly.”

Join us today

Sign up to Move a Mile for Muscles and join hundreds of people all across the UK, with similar motivation to Bron’s, to move an extra special mile between May and September this year. There is no registration fee to join, and you can move your mile in whichever way you choose – on your own or with friends, family, work colleagues or school friends.

All the funds you raise will go towards Muscular Dystrophy UK’s vital research and support for families living with muscle-wasting conditions.

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