Over £290K invested into Ullrich muscular dystrophy research

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Laura Jacobs

We are pleased to announce that we have invested over £290,000 into two Ullrich muscular dystrophy research projects. This was largely made possible thanks to the incredible support of our Family Funds that were set up to fund research into this condition.

Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy (UCMD) is caused by mutations in genes that produce collagen VI protein. This protein forms networks around our muscle cells and acts as a scaffold to hold and support them. In someone with UCMD, collagen VI is faulty or absent, which means that their muscle cells are not supported properly and become damaged over time.

Dan McLellan (pictured) has UCMD. His family set up Dan’s Hope in order to fund research that will help to improve the lives of children like Dan.

The two new projects are as follows:

The projects were assessed as part of our rigorous peer review process and were evaluated by our Medical Research Committee and Lay Panel. You can find out more about how we fund research here.

Professor Bönnemann’s project involves creating a mouse model that has the same genetic mutation that Dan has. This mutation is thought to be one of the most common causes of UCMD.

Dan’s father, James McLellan, said:

After four years of fundraising, it is exciting to have a research project focused directly on Dan’s genetic mutation. We set up Dan’s Hope for exactly this reason, with hope that the speed of medical research will one day find a cure for Dan and other children like him. There is a long way to go, but this is a great start and continues to give us hope for Dan. We look forward to sharing this news with all the Dan’s Hope supporters and followers who continue to rally around us.

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