Planning a summer holiday? Read our air travel report

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Sophie Dignum

Are you planning a summer holiday, or winging your way on a getaway soon? Don’t go anywhere without our air travel report, Commercial Air Travel: A handbook for people with neuromuscular weakness. It provides really useful tips and information for people with neuromuscular conditions.

Each year over a billion people travel by air, worldwide. For the vast majority of travellers, air travel is a safe and convenient way to travel. However, for people with conditions that severely affect their lungs or breathing, air travel can potentially cause difficulties. People who use ventilators to support their breathing on a day-to-day basis may require some additional considerations and advance planning before travelling anywhere by air.


This guide aims to:

  • enable as many people as possible with complex respiratory care needs to enjoy worldwide travel by air
  • provide ventilator users the information to ensure they fly safely
  • help you make plans for air travel and provide practical advice on each stage of the journey, particularly covering the important preparation stages.

Hayleigh Barclay, Scottish Trailblazers Ambassador and founder of the Plane Fair campaign, says:

“This guide is a really useful resource for people with neuromuscular conditions. Information, clarity and advice is required so people know what can be possible, and how to be organised in advance.”

The report was written by Hannah K. Bayes, Stephen W. Banham and Scott Davidson, members of the West of Scotland Long Term Ventilation Unit  based in the Department of Respiratory Medicine at Southern General University Hospitals Glasgow.

You can read the report here, or if you’d like to request a copy of the report, please contact Maureen on or 020 7803 4800

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