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Kate Cleaver

Muscular dystrophy has impacted very hard on actor Jordan Young’s family life  –  now he’s fighting back by signing up for the Great Scottish Run half marathon, on September 29.

One of very few UK families with muscular dystrophy conditions on both sides, the 39 year old is determined to use his celebrity profile to help others with the same condition.

Jordan, from Lenzie, Glasgow is best known as Glasgow hood Alex Murdoch in River City and PC Jack McLaren in comedy Scot Squad. He is raising money for Muscular Dystrophy UK in honour of the two beloved uncles he lost to muscle wasting conditions within three months of each other.

The Uncles Bobby Young and Terry Miller died from Myotonic md and Fasioscapulohemeral (fsh) md.

Uncle Bobby was married and had kids and grandkids but Uncle Terry lived with his mum, my gran and his sole carer. I think he was lonely. I saw a lot of them as I grew up and was well aware of the way the diseases progressed.  Life could have been better for both if they had got involved with the charity.

Jordan is close to his cousin Ethan, Bobby’s son, who also has a condition and who is a civil participation manager for Inclusion Scotland, liaising with the Scottish government and undertaking missions to Serbia and Kyrgyzstan. Speaking about his dad, Ethan said he doesn’t look back and think his dad was disabled.

My Dad’s illness and even his death at the age of 67 was educational. It gave me a rough trajectory of how my impairment might pan out, but it’s not a carbon copy. It made me understand the future and I’m ok with that – I’m happy to know there’s lots of things to do in my life. One of them is to take a year off and to and see the world.

Jordan has strong support from Shieldinch and Scot Squad pals. He’s training hard with between 30 and 40 miles a day and hopes to complete the half marathon in an hour and a half.

Regional Development manager, Scotland, Dean Widd said: Jordan has shown grit and determination in his training leading up to the Great Scottish Half Marathon and fundraising efforts, highlighting just how much the cause means to him personally.  His history of muscular dystrophy again highlights how devastating it can be for a family and difficulties faced. With continued support as shown by supporters like Jordan, we will continue to move forward in reaching our goal while making every day count.

Jordan has smashed his fundraising target but he’s hoping for more – to support him go here

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