Skydive for a friend

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Catherine Rowland

Experience the freedom that only skydiving can bring. And feel the joy when you do it for a friend who needs you to help beat muscular dystrophy.

Read here about two big groups who are doing just that. They’re facing their fears for their friends, and getting ready to jump out of a plane. Why not sign up and do the same?

Skydiving in Inverness

On 28 July, along with nine others, Jonathan Keating will face his fears and do a skydive for Leo’s Pride. He said:

“In 2015 when my daughter Hope was in ‘sick kids’, we were lucky enough to meet Leo, a wonderful, strong and courageous little boy from Inverness and his incredible parents Mitchell and Louise.

Leo was diagnosed with congenital muscular dystrophy in 2017 and since then Mitchell and Louise have formed Leo’s Pride. It’s a family fund to raise money towards research and support, for not only their fantastic boy but other families living with the condition.

In Garvagh, County Derry

Frances Ashe and her daughter Aliyah (pictured), who both have Bethlem myopathy, have enlisted the support of 10 skydivers who are all family members or friends linked to them in some way. For example, Aliyah’s carer’s brother and fiancée are taking part, and so is her best friend of 13 years and members of her immediate family.

This will be the first time that any of them have taken part in an actual skydive. A couple of them have taken part in the indoor version, and Frances said:

“These two are real thrill-seekers who jumped at the chance to complete this challenge whilst also raising money for a charity close to their heart. They hope to raise £5,000.

“The connection with the rest are simply my husband and my best friend and her family. They have experienced the hardships and challenges myself and my daughter and my family have faced and will continue to face. They want to have this experience whilst raising as much money as possible to increase awareness of muscular dystrophy but ultimately to contribute towards the research and hopefully the cure for muscular dystrophy.”

Every skydive will help beat muscular dystrophy. Join #TeamOrange and skydive for MDUK. Sign up as an individual or a group here.

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