Tesco celebrates Changing Places increase

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Kate Cleaver

Since partnering with us, Tesco has registered about 40 new Changing Places toilets across the UK. Tesco is the leading retailer in terms of Changing Places toilet provision and its positive approach to installing Changing Places toilets is hugely encouraging and will make a big difference to a quarter of a million people who need these facilities.

As co-chairs of the Changing Places Consortium, we’re happy to see Tesco’s new video which highlights the life-changing difference Changing Places toilets make for over a quarter of million people across the UK who cannot use standard accessible toilets safely or comfortably. You can watch the video on their Twitter channel.

Head of Policy and Campaigns at Muscular Dystrophy UK, Clare Lucas said:

Stories like Nora’s show the positive impact that Changing Places toilets have. Too many families are still having to plan what they do and where they go based on the availability of Changing Places toilets. Having more Changing Places toilets available enables families, like Nora’s, to have greater independence and to do things that many people take for granted – like doing your weekly shop or being able to make the journey to visit a loved one.

Having access to Changing Places toilets increases independence and improves quality of life. But fewer than 0.1% of retailers and supermarkets in the UK have a facility.

We want other retailers to follow Tesco’s lead and commit to installing facilities, so we can help tackle the exclusion many disabled people face.

You can learn more about the Changing Places campaign and how you can get involved on our Changing Places campaign page.

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