Things not to say to someone who uses a wheelchair!

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Victoria Wright

People come up to me, tap me on the head and say, ‘oh you’re so brave!’

Supporter Sulaiman Khan (pictured), who has congenital muscular dystrophy, features in a witty new short film by BBC Three called ‘Things not to say to someone who uses a wheelchair’.

In the film, Sulaiman and other wheelchair users humorously recall the weird, rude and downright daft things that non-disabled people have said to them.

Sulaiman took part in the film after Muscular Dystrophy UK were asked by BBC Three to put forward supporters who would be happy to talk about their experiences.

Sulaiman, who is a member of our Trailblazers network of young disabled campaigners, told us:

It was really interesting to take part in this film for BBC Three and I enjoyed the experience a great deal.


Watching the final film afterwards, some of the comments said to wheelchair users have been comments I’ve received myself, but some of them were really shocking to me.


I do think it’s important to realise that sometimes people mean well and are just being awkward. But at the same time, wheelchair users are the visual face of disability and it often feels we get the brunt of people’s awkwardness and curiosity about disability.


I’m really proud of taking part in this film and I hope it helps to change people’s perceptions of wheelchair users.

You can watch the five-minute film here.

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