Trailblazers attend event in Glasgow

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Bobby Ancil

On Saturday, Scottish Trailblazers met in Glasgow for their first event of the year.

The event featured a selection of workshops on topics that really matter to young disabled people.

We started the day with a workshop on sex and relationships hosted by Emily Yates. The session was opened by watching Emily’s TED talk which can be found here. Trailblazers split into groups and we covered topics such as online dating and inclusive sex education. It was a great workshop which engaged the whole room. Particular areas of interest were around disclosing your disability when dating and issues around devotism.

After lunch, we moved on to our Accessible Tourism workshop hosted by Trailblazers Carrie-Ann Lightley and Dave Gale. It was a great chance to explore the best was of overcoming challenges of travelling. We covered topics such as travelling via plane with mobility equipment, hiring equipment and planning accessible activities. Despite the barriers that exist, everyone came away positive that with careful planning, going on holiday is achievable.

Our final workshop was held by Trailblazer Hayleigh Barclay. Hayleigh facilitated a fantastic workshop using writing and art to explore potential new campaign ideas. Some great ideas came out of the session which will now be looked at in more depth.

We finished the day with a social nearby. This was a great opportunity to chat more informally about the work Trailblazers is doing but also to find out more about what we should be doing.

Trailblazers Manager, Lauren West, said:

I had a fantastic time organising and running this event. It was great to visit Scotland and meet some of our inspiring campaigners. The day was a great success with really interesting discussions around a variety of topics. I look forward to returning soon and running similar events across the country.

Scottish Trailblazer, Karis Williamson, said:

This was a great event and I hope they have more; I loved that the Arts were work-shopped too. I loved the venue so much I went back the next day!

If you’d like to come along to one our events, find out what is happening in your area here.

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