Trailblazers attend NCVO campaigning conference

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On Wednesday 18 February 2009 London Trailblazer, Sulaiman Khan attended the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) Annual Conference in London.

Back in December 2008, Sulaiman had attended the Trailblazers campaigns training events, where he recalled Rosemary Frazer, Learning and Development Officer (Campaigning), from the NCVO mentioning that her organisation hold many other events throughout the year that as Trailblazers we are welcome to attend.

The Annual Confernce of the NCVO was a brilliant opportunity to learn new things about campaigning and related subjects and to meet lots of different people from other voluntary organisation. 

Sulaiman added ‘It was wonderrful to represent Trailblazers and the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign at this conference, which poved to be a very interesting event which coincided with the  NCVO’s 90th year.’

Stay tuned for his full analysis of the NCVO Annual Conference coming soon…

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