Trailblazers from across UK attend campaigns workshop

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On Saturday, Trailblazers from across the UK met in London to attend ‘Let’s Get Campaigning’. The day provided interactive workshops teaching Trailblazer members the key skills for successful campaigning.

We started the day with a session on campaigns strategy. After a little bit of theory, attendees were asked to design a campaign aim. Campaign ideas ranged from accessible toilets on planes, to changing the universal sign of disability to incorporate a wider number of impairments.

After a delicious pizza lunch, we moved onto a session by guest speaker Holly Scott-Gardner. Holly is a co-founder of Disabled Survivors Unite. But Holly went viral last year when she was kicked out of a restaurant on her birthday because of her guide dog. Holly gave some invaluable experience and advice of running campaigns and also successfully working with the media.

We then had a session run by our Campaigns Officer, Victoria Wright, on campaigning and the media. Victoria shared with the group both positive and negative stories of working with the media and provided some top tips.


Our final session of the day was run by Millie Hinton who is MDUK’s Regional Development Manager for London. She spoke about the power of storytelling and how this can help with both campaigns and fundraising.

Some of the Trailblazers that attended shared their thoughts:

Yorkshire Trailblazer, Emma Clifford, said:

The campaigns event was a sure winner! A very informative and interactive day full of fun, advice and future crusaders! I learnt how passion plays a huge part in changes, whether that’s within ourselves or an issue that affects us personally. A fantastic day with a bunch of lovely people.

London Trailblazer, Richard Amm, who is running a campaign to keep his local accessible gym open said:

I was already well into my own campaign but was glad to have professional advice. I was able to offer my experience to the group as well as learn which was nice. I got to meet lots of really passionate and engaged people hungry for change.

London Trailblazer and stand-up comedian, Romina Puma, said:

One of the things I’ve learned from this event is to not be afraid of people’s reactions and stick to what you are campaigning for. We all have different opinions.

Trailblazers’ manager, Lauren West, said:

I really enjoyed organising this event. It was great to meet Trailblazers, new and old, and hear about all their fantastic current campaigns and ideas. It’s inspiring to meet so many passionate and engaged young people. I look forward to running more of these across the UK.

We finished the day with a social in a nearby bar as a treat for everyone that worked so hard during the day.


If you’d like us to run a campaigns workshop near you, please email us.

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