Trailblazers launch new body image campaign

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Bobby Ancil

Trailblazers are encouraging people to share their personal stories and experiences on body image as a new campaign is launched.

We know body image affects everyone, and we’re delighted to be supported in this project by Trailblazers ambassadors Sam Renke and Dan Edge, who are both amazing advocates for body positivity.

According to the Government’s body confidence report (Body Confidence Campaign, Progress Report 2015, Government Equalities Office):

Poor body image is not just a problem for individuals. It is an equalities issue, limiting the opportunities and rewards on offer to some sections of society, and punishing people unfairly if they step outside of proscribed roles. It has particular implications for black and minority ethnic women, women with disabilities, and older women.

But the above report focused on the body image of women. We want to know about body image from the perspective of both young disabled men and young disabled women.


We want to know how you feel about your body image and the factors that influence this. We want to hear from young disabled people who have poor body image so that we can think about what we can do to change this. We also want to hear from young disabled people who have a good body image so that we can share your positive tips and advice with other young disabled people who may feel less good about themselves.

Lauren West, Trailblazers Manager, said:

This campaign project is something different and really exciting for us. We know that everyone will have a different relationship with body image and will be on a different part of their journey. But it’s something that binds us all and that’s why we were so keen to run a campaign on this topic. This campaign will be all about you. We want to hear your stories, your advice and we want you to lead the campaign. Tell us what makes you feel confident and what makes you feel uneasy or insecure about your body image so we can run a really effective campaign.


There are lots of different ways you can be involved in this campaign:

  • Fill in our survey. We want to make sure this campaign is your campaign, which is why we need to hear from you about your body image and what you would like this project to achieve.
  • Join our campaign focus group. Just like the above, we need to make sure this campaign is led by you. For this reason, we’ll be forming a Body Image Steering Group, which will meet (virtually) regularly throughout the research process and beyond to make sure the campaign is doing what you want.
  • Share the survey. We really want to reach as many people as possible to ensure we hear from as many as possible, so please do share widely.

Trailblazers has now moved to pan-disability charity Whizz-Kidz (September 2020).

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