Trailblazers lift lid on dating with a disability

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Bobby Ancil

Four years ago today, Trailblazers launched their report on sex and disability ‘It’s Complicated‘.

The report set out to provide a balanced, honest account of what it is like to be disabled and single, in a relationship, or married.

But we also wanted to boost the confidence of young disabled people and encourage them to “explore the world of dating and relationships”.

North West Trailblazer Jessica Berry told us in the report how she met her partner Matt online. At the time of the report, they’d been together for more than 14 months and Jessica gave birth to their daughter in December 2012.

She said:

Being upset about my inadequacies and feeling insecure about my inferiorities compared with an able-bodied girl obviously occur from time to time, after all I am only human.

Having a relationship with a disability is by no means easy, but it is definitely do-able and worth the effort.

Now four years later, we wanted to explore some of the issues in more depth. So this week, we’ll be bringing you a series of blogs and videos done by our Trailblazers. We’re look at things like top tips for dating, best places to go on a first date, what it’s like being part of the LGBT and disability community and lots more.

We’ll also be having a discussion with Gareth who was one of the stars of The Undateables.

You can read any of our blogs, including the ones forming our relationships week here.

To watch the first video of the week, visit YouTube.


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