Trailblazers speak at Parliamentary event hosted by City Bridge Trust

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Emma Vogelmann
(From left) Emma Vogelmann, Tom Osborne and Lauren West at City Bridge Trust event in Parliament.

On Thursday 19 October Muscular Dystrophy UK was invited to Parliament by the City Bridge Trust to celebrate the launch the Bridge to Work programme. This new £3.3million scheme will provide funding for organisations like MDUK to offer employability support for young disabled people in London. Bridge to Work will allow MDUK to offer more work experience opportunities and offer advice and support on employment rights. The City Bridge Trust has been a great partner of MDUK’s efforts to get more disabled people into work by supporting our Moving Up project and our Employability project. The event was attended by the Speaker of the House, Rt Hon John Bercow MP who spoke very passionately about the need to get more disabled people in work and made everyone feel very welcome in his rooms at the Speaker’s House!

The event was attended by several charities and corporate partners who all do great work to close the disabled employment gap. Trailblazers Manager Lauren West spoke at the event about MDUK’s Trailblazers network and how Moving Up has been successful in creating work experience opportunities for young disabled people. The success of the project was showcased at the event by our new Moving Up Assistant Rianna Davis who spoke about how the project gave her new skills and the confidence to find work. Many people spoke to Rianna afterwards to tell her how powerful they found her experience.

Lauren West said:

It was a really informative day for us at MDUK and a great platform for all the organisations there to show the impact funded work experience programmes can have on young disabled people.

The day gave MDUK an opportunity to hear about the work being done by organisations who run work placement programmes for people with learning difficulties and to make connections with private sector organisations to hopefully expand our network even further. MDUK is happy to continue working with the City Bridge Trust to close the disabled employment gap.

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