Trailblazers to write weekly disability rights briefing

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Reason Digital

On 19 March 2009, Trailblazers Jagdeep Kaur Sehmbi and Sulaiman Khan agreed to write a weekly special column on the Trailblazers website. The column will be called “Accessibites” and Jagz and Sulaiman will alternate writing the column each week.

‘Accessibltes’ will be a new, insightful highlight of the website and a briefing about disability rights and news relating to disabled people. Trailblazer Sulaiman Khan said, “I cannot wait to get writing and add some creative input on to our website, as I’m always on the internet reading interesting articles obsessively. I also hope that this will bring a new audience to the Trailblazers website and create a greater awareness of issues concerning disabled people…”

The first column will be posted by 27 March and then on every Friday consequently. It will hopefully be the start of something uniquely thought provoking on the Trailblazers website and will create a positive debate about disabled people.

Watch this space…

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