Transport survey update

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On February 27th Trailblazers marked one month since the launch of the access to public transport campaign survey.

The survey which is currently being carried out by Trailblazers across the country was launched on January 27th and has aroused significant interest in both the national and regional media.East Midlands train at a platform Credit: Wikipedia

Young campaigners from each region of the United Kingdom have been recording their experiences of journeys made on public transport and sending their completed surveys in to the Trailblazers offices at the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.Once we have received your surveys we will compile and analyse the data and turn it in to a report that will be used to put pressure on public transport decision makers across the country.

There are still 3 weeks for Trailblazers to evaluate their local transport systems and ensure we get the most robust and far reaching evidence we possibly can.

To help make a difference in your area download and complete some transport and station surveys and send them in to Trailblazers by Friday April 4th.

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