Update on OPMD gene therapy trial

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Benitec Biopharma has released an update on its oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy (OPMD) gene therapy programme. Building on its positive preclinical data, the company is now evaluating the safety of BB-301 in animals (known as toxicology studies). Benitec plans to seek approval for a phase 1/2a clinical trial in Q1 of 2019. This will determine whether BB-301 is safe and whether it can improve swallowing function in people with OPMD.

For more information please read Benitec’s press release.

To find out more about the latest research in oculopharangeal muscular dystrophy, please contact our Clinical Research Officer, Dr Sofia Nnorom, at research@musculardystrophyuk.org or call 020 7803 4813.

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