Who Cares. VAULT Festival. South London February 21-23

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Kate Cleaver

This is a new comedy/drama about a friendship between Jamie, who lives with Charcot-Marie Tooth (CMT) disease, played by Reece Pantry, 28, who actually has CMT, and Daniel, played by Kyle Rowe, who actually only lives for his next pint. Who Cares explores their unlikely friendship and a fight for equality.

Emerging writer Conor Hunt said:

This isn’t a story about disability. It’s a story about friendship, self-perception and a fair few pints. The play examines the effects of Charcot-Marie Tooth (CMT) disease and the limitations we place on ourselves.


But it is also for anyone who has ever felt ‘othered,’ displaced or lost. From the moment Reece was cast by the production company I knew we had our Jamie.

Initially producers looked at  Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy for the play but then they met Reece and realised how special it was to not only have such an incredible actor on board, but an actor who had Charcot Marie-Tooth disease, a condition which also affects muscle strength but a very different condition to Duchenne.

Conor said:

As an able bodied writer I wanted to get every note of Jamie’s story correct – Reece has been a dream to work with – and so open. I think the ability to bring his voice and lived experiences into the play has made it that little bit more magic.


To me it isn’t about writing about people who are not well represented in society. It’s about opening doors for people to see themselves on stage. Every day remarkable people quietly get on with their lives, not realising how special they are. I hope to put these individuals who are dealing with daily challenges centre stage. I hope that the new wave of creatives coming through telling stories of people they grew up around is changing the narrative of who is represented on stages


Theatre is for all, we as a society need to do better at taking down the barriers for people in accessing theatre  – and that starts with the stories we choose to tell.”

Muscular Dystrophy UK Regional Development Manager for London, Louise Moffat said:

The team behind the show put in a lot of work to research and cast the roles to draw from lived experience. It is very generous of them to also hold a collection for the charity after each show.

Who Cares is supported by Arts Council England and Muscular Dystrophy UK.

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