There are five award categories


Fundraiser of the Year

Countless people generously give their time to raise vital funds for MDUK. This award celebrates the fundraising achievements of an individual or a Family Fund. The achievement could be anything that has raised money for MDUK and has been a challenge to those taking part.

Campaigner of the Year

Campaigners throughout the UK are having a big impact and making change happen to improve lives by working to remove the barriers that people face and to change attitudes. This award is for an individual who has been actively involved in MDUK’s campaigning and it could be at a national, regional or a local community level.

Community Achievement

We know how important community can be for people’s wellbeing and for local support. This award recognises MDUK branches or groups that run activities and events to help improve the quality of life of people with muscle-wasting conditions and their families locally.

Early Career Scientist

Every day scientists are finding out more about muscular dystrophies and associated neuromuscular conditions so that we can bring new treatments and new hope to people. This award celebrates a UK-based, up-and-coming, postdoctoral researcher in who is helping to shape our understanding of neuromuscular conditions or uncover potential new treatments.

Richard Attenborough Award for Outstanding Achievement

We know there are lots of our supporters that do outstanding things. From fundraising and campaigning to running support groups or volunteering, this award celebrates those people whose commitment and dedication have made a difference to people with a muscle-wasting condition.



Please choose whatever you feel is the most suitable category – and don’t worry if you’re not sure. Some nominees may fit more than one category, so we’ll ensure all nominations are considered for the most appropriate award.

President's Awards 2019 Nomination form

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  • When filling out your nomination form, remember it’s really important to include as many details as possible, and to emphasise your nominee’s achievements wherever you can. Spend as much time as possible on your nomination, avoid one word answers, and try to be clear and concise.
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    The information that you provide will only be stored and used to administer our award process. We will only use the information to contact both you and the person you have nominated in the event of them winning an award.
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    We'd love to share updates with you about MDUK work, opportunities to take part in events and other ways to help beat muscle-wasting conditions.
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