Research funding opportunities

We continue to identify and invest in the most promising science and fund high-quality research to pursue the strategic aims set out in our research strategy.

We offer a number of funding opportunities for laboratory-based and clinical researchers:

  • a competitive annual call for research grant applications for project grants of one to three years duration that also includes pump-priming grants of up to one year and support for PhD studentships. Apply now.
  • a small number of fellowships are available through our partnerships with other funding bodies:
  • a limited number of infrastructure grants to help accelerate the translational path to clinical trials, including support for patient registries, natural history databases and clinical trials coordinators.
  • alternative funding approaches to support research for a number of the very rare conditions (fewer than 500 patients in the UK), which may include establishing international research partnerships – please contact us if you wish to discuss an approach for a very rare condition.
  • we encourage researchers to contact us should they have specific proposals that would require programme grant funding over a longer period or for a larger project than would fit within the normal project grant funding.  If this were to lead to a full programme grant application this would be subject to a rigorous peer review process similar to that of the annual grant round.


For more information please read our Grant FAQs and how to apply for a research grant pages.

Please contact our Research team at with any queries about our grant schemes, funding available or your grant application.

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