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Developing a standardised set of measures to support airway clearance of secretions in people with neuromuscular conditions

Professor Rose and colleagues, at King’s College London, will identify and develop a set of measures for cough assistance and airway clearance that can be used in clinical trials for neuromuscular disorders.
Principal Investigator
Professor Louise Rose
King's College London
Official title
Development of a core outcome set for studies of interventions to support secretion clearance in patients with neuromuscular disorders in the community
12 months
Total cost


Neuromuscular conditions are often accompanied by a weakening of muscles in the chest and the abdomen, which displays as chest infections with a severe cough that can sometimes be fatal. Chest physiotherapy helps to clear these symptoms, however, there are no standardised measures to provide guidance on the best suited and most effective airway-clearing therapies in people with neuromuscular conditions.

What are the aims of the project?

This project consists of three main aims:

  1. To review previously used measures in studies and trials for airway-clearance therapies.
  2. To identify important measures for future research of airway-clearance treatments by interviewing people with conditions, or their close relatives and caregivers.
  3. To produce a standardised set of measures that will be implemented in future research and clinical trials, to help clear airways secretions in people with muscle-wasting conditions.

Why is this research important?

Producing these standardised measures and implementing them in future studies would allow for a more consistent study design and comparable results when researching airway clearance treatments. This could eventually lead to more effective treatments in the future that could clear secretions and help people manage their cough, thereby improving the quality of life of people living with muscle-wasting conditions.

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