Strong Customer Authentication

From 14 March 2021, there will be new measures in place to make online payments more secure. The MDUK website, like all other websites, will be incorporating Strong Customer Authentication into its checkout pages for events registrations, donations and shop purchases. The implementation of these new measures will be rolled out with a managed process starting from 1 February 2020.

What does this mean? 

These new measures will mean that when you buy something on our website, you may be asked for additional authentication. 

Strong Customer Authentication is commonly known as ‘two-factor authentication’ because it requires at least two of the following: 

1) Something the supporter KNOWS (e.g. pin/password) 

2) Something the Supporter HAS (e.g. phone) 

3) Something the Supporter IS (e.g. Fingerprint/face recognition) 

This two-factor authentication will help you prevent any fraudulent activity on your account. 

How to set up twofactor authentication  

You can make sure that you are ready for two-factor authentication with your bank by: 

1) Using your bank’s secure mobile banking app or website 

2) Update your mobile number or email address in the case that your bank sends you a one-time passcode 

3) Give your bank a landline number to use for entering security codes if you do not have a mobile number 

The SCA won’t affect the direct debits you have already set up, and you won’t always be asked to authenticate if you’re making a small payment, but in order to reduce fraud your bank may ask for authentication through our website. 

What to do if you’re having trouble with our website 

In the first instance, if you’re having trouble making payments online, you should contact your bank. 

If you’re not having problems with other online payments, just those being made on our website, please contact our Supporter Care line on 020 7803 4825 or email 

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