London and the South East Coast Neuromuscular Clinical Network

The London and South East Coast Neuromuscular clinical network was launched in October 2015, and is backed by both the London and South East Coast NHS Strategic Clinical Networks

The network, chaired by Dr Ros Quinlivan from Queen Square neuromuscular centre, brings together NHS commissioners, people with muscle wasting conditions and their families, clinicians and allied health professionals to ensure that specialist and community neuromuscular services are strengthened in London and the South East.

The members meet regularly and the network provides a platform for patients and clinicians to discuss and address gaps in local services and to share their own experiences of local neuromuscular health care; providing important thoughts on how the lives of people with muscle wasting conditions can be improved.

Muscular Dystrophy UK shares quarterly updates on developments in neuromuscular services in the London and the South East Coast region which can be read below.

Sulaiman Khan

Sulaiman Khan

Sulaiman comes from Woodford Green and has congenital muscular dystrophy

"I wanted to be able to learn more about muscular dystrophy and share my experiences and knowledge with other people with the condition, doctors, hospitals and other important groups fighting for better care for people with neuromuscular conditions. I have found it brilliant being able to attend the neuromuscular forum as I have been able to learn a great deal from consultants about patient care"

Sue And Mark Bishop

Sue And Mark Bishop

Sue and Mark come from Herne Bay and Mark has Becker muscular dystrophy

“We wanted to educate healthcare professionals further on what specific needs people with muscular dystrophy have, as well as also gaining more knowledge about how better care and facilities can be provided. The forum meetings are great at bringing together all the different groups of people involved with muscular dystrophy together and pushing important related topics onto the agenda in parliament.”

Nicholas Noscoe

Nicholas Noscoe

Nicholas comes from London and has myasthenia gravis

“As I have had mastitis gravis for 24 years I have had treatment in various different hospitals which has given me a lot of experience of how hospitals work, which I found to be quite poorly. Therefore I wanted to be able to pass on information that I have about my condition and hospitals to others who can use that information to benefit those with neuromuscular conditions”

Phillippa Farrant

Phillippa Farrant

Phillippa comes from Eastbourne and her son Dan has Duchenne muscular dystrophy

“I became involved as a neuromuscular champion as my 23 year old son has Duchene muscular dystrophy, because of his condition I wanted to become a spokesperson for other families in similar situations to my own, and to be able to help them. Being a member of the forum has given me a huge insight into the NHS and how it works in regards to neuromuscular patients, which has been very beneficial to me."

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Neuromuscular Specialist Centres

There are 8 regional neuromuscular centres in London and the South East. Find out more about your local neuromuscular service using the links below.

Queen Square Neuromuscular Clinic
Lane Fox Respiratory Unit
King’s College Hospital
Dubowitz Neuromuscular Centre
Royal Free Neuromuscular Clinic
Barts Health
Evelina Children’s Hospital
St George’s Healthcare

Muscle Groups

Muscle Groups meet in London and across the South East at least three times a year and are fighting for service improvements across the region. Find out when a Muscle Group meeting is taking place near you by using the link below.

London Muscle Group

South East Muscle Group

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