Northern England Neuromuscular Interest Group

The Northern England Neuromuscular Interest Group was launched in Spring 2016 and is backed by the NHS North East Strategic Clinical Networks

The network brings together NHS commissioners, people with muscle wasting conditions and their families, clinicians and allied health professionals to ensure that specialist and community neuromuscular services are strengthened in the North East.

The members meet regularly and the network provides a platform for patients and clinicians to discuss and address gaps in local services and to share their own experiences of local neuromuscular health care; providing important thoughts on how the lives of people with muscle wasting conditions can be improved.

Muscular Dystrophy UK shares quarterly updates on developments in neuromuscular services in the North East which can be read below.

Brian And Anne Stobbs

Brian And Anne Stobbs

Brian and Anne come from North Shields and Brian has limb girdle muscular dystrophy

"We wanted to find out what help and support is available for Brian to help him have a better quality of life in dealing with his muscular dystrophy. Attending the forum has helped give us a better understanding of other related conditions as well as informing us about important measures such as advocacy."

Lindsay Davidson

Lindsay Davidson

Lindsay comes from Hexham and her sons have Duchenne muscular dystrophy

"I became involved as a Neuromuscular Champion to make a difference to the treatments and care that my two sons both with Duchene muscular dystrophy, and other people with neuromuscular conditions can receive, so that my children and others can live a more fulfilled life."

Evelyn Winton

Evelyn Winton

Evelyn comes from Morpeth and has facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy

"I was particularly concerned about the lack of facilitation of physiotherapy for those with muscular dystrophy and wanted to be involved in making sure it is easier for people with neuromuscular conditions to attend physiotherapy sessions and have a busy social life. By becoming involved I have gained people to talk to and pass on important views to aid others lives."

  • Claire Braid - Delivery Team Lead, Northern Clinical Networks and Senate
  • Robert Muni - Physiotherapist, Newcastle Muscle Service
  • Dr Nichola Chater - Clinical Lead, SCN
  • Dr Chiara Marini-Bettolo - Speciality Trust Doctor, Neurologist -
  • Lisa Jordan - Service Specialist, NHS England, Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Team
  • Peter Dixon - Deputy Head at North East Specialised Commissioning Team
  • Dr James Miller - Royal Victoria Hospital
  • Sarah Burns - NHS England
  • Dr Eugene Strehle - North Tyneside General Hospital
  • Edwina Perkins - North East Care Advisor, Newcastle Muscle Service
  • Geraldine Bailey - Clinical Specialist Neuromuscular Physiotherapist, Newcastle Muscle Service
  • Lindsay Davidson - Neuromuscular Champion
  • Evelyn Winton - Neuromuscular Champion
  • Eric Winton - Neuromuscular Champion
  • Brian Stobbs - Neuromuscular Champion
  • Anne Stobbs - Neuromuscular Champion
  • Louise Hastings - Genetic Nurse Specialist
  • Professor Kate Bushby - Newcastle Muscle Service
  • Meredith James - Specialist physiotherapist, Newcastle Muscle Service
  • Dr Anna Mayhew - Specialist physiotherapist, Newcastle Muscle Service
  • Helen Warlow - Newcastle University Teaching Hospital
  • Claire Pitckthall - Neuromuscular Genetics Nurse Specialist
  • Louise Hastings - Specialist Genetic Counsellor

Neuromuscular Specialist Centres

There are two regional neuromuscular centres in the North East. Find out more about your local neuromuscular service using the links below.

Newcastle Muscle Centre

The Royal Victoria Infirmary

Muscle group

The North East Muscle Group meets in local groups three times a year and is fighting for service improvements across the region. Find out when a muscle group meeting is taking place near you using the link below.

North East muscle group

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