Thames and Wessex Muscle Group

The Thames and Wessex Muscle Group is a great opportunity to get involved, meet people and their families in the region affected by muscular dystrophy or a related condition and share information and advice through peer to peer support.

The group also fights to strengthen neuromuscular services in the region and help ensure that patients get the support they need.

As well as discussing experience of services, group meetings also focus on other topics important to people affected by muscle-wasting conditions. For example, we recently had an information workshop on changes to disability benefits and support and we plan our forthcoming meetings to be on adjustments and adaptations.

Our regional Advocacy Ambassadors also support Muscle Group members, find out more about them here.

Upcoming meeting details:

For information about upcoming meetings please check our events calendar.

If you would like more information or to attend a meeting please do get in touch with Jonathan Kingsley at Muscular Dystrophy UK on or 020 7803 4838.

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