The Yorkshire and Humber Neuromuscular Network

The Yorkshire and Humber Neuromuscular Network was launched in October 2016, replacing the existing neuromuscular forum as the regional arm of the the Bridging the Gap project.

The network pools regional neuromuscular expertise by bringing together NHS commissioners, people with muscle wasting conditions and their families, clinicians and allied health professionals to ensure that specialist and community neuromuscular services are strengthened in Yorkshire and Humber.

The members meet regularly and the network provides a platform for patients and clinicians to discuss and address gaps in local services and to share their own experiences of local neuromuscular health care; providing important thoughts on how the lives of people with muscle wasting conditions can be improved.

Muscular Dystrophy UK shares quarterly updates on developments in neuromuscular services in Yorkshire and Humber which can be read below.

Anisa Kothia

Anisa Kothia

Anisa comes from Dewsbury and her son has Duchenne muscular dystrophy

"Upon going to a neuromuscular meeting I realised that lots of families from a southern Asian background didn’t attend important clinics to help with Muscular dystrophy. Because of this I wanted to become involved in helping to educate people about the importance of clinics, and allow families to voice their opinions as I have been able to, which has been important in helping me."

Brian Deehan

Brian Deehan

Brian comes from Driffield and his son has Becker muscular dystrophy

"I became involved as a neuromuscular champion because I passionately believe that every neuromuscular patient has the right to receive the very best of care and treatment available in the UK. We have made substantial progress over the 23 years I have been involved with Muscular Dystrophy UK and now we have a golden opportunity to push on to reach our goal."

Tracey Franklin

Tracey Franklin

Tracey comes from Brough and her son Jack has Duchenne muscular dystrophy

"I became involved with the Bridging the Gap project because I wanted to make a difference by achieving something good out of the terrible condition of muscular dystrophy. I felt by becoming a neuromuscular champion I would be able to assist other families because of my nursing background, and it has been amazing to see lives changing because of the forums."

  • Anisa Kothia - Neuromuscular Champion
  • Brian Deehan - Neuromuscular Champion
  • Tracey Franklin - Neuromsucular Champion
  • Tracey Adeji - Care Advisor, Humberside
  • Peter Baxter - Consultant paediatric neurologist at Sheffield Children’s Hospital
  • Karen Pysden - Consultant Paediatric Neurologist Leeds Teaching Hospital
  • Lindsey Pallant - Specialist Physiotherapist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust
  • Sherry McKinry - Quality Improvement Manager, NHS England Strategic Clinical Networks
  • Chris McDermott - Sheffield Adult Neurologist, Clinical Lead for Neurology Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
  • Kath Priest - Regional Care Advisor, South Yorkshire
  • Sue Manning - Regional Care Advisor
  • Eleanor Butler - Neuromuscular Physiotherapist
  • Rachel Reeson - Neuromuscular Champion
  • Mark Busby - Consultant Neurologist, Bradford Teaching Hospitals
  • Claire Armitage - Transition Nurse, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Neuromuscular Specialist Centres

There are 5 regional neuromuscular centres in the Yorkshire and Humber region. Find out more about your local neuromuscular service using the links below.

Leeds Children’s Hospital NHS Trust
Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Muscle group

The Yorkshire and Humber Muscle Group meets in local groups three times a year and is fighting for service improvements across the region. Find out when a muscle group meeting is taking place near you using the link below.

Yorkshire and Humber Muscle Group

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